Alzheimer’s Care

Barton House

A Welcoming Design.

Barton House is a place where a person with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia is welcome. Our private resident rooms and spacious common areas create a warm environment. This is home. This is Barton House.

Alzheimer’s Disease Experts.

For over 20 years, we’ve been working with people with Alzheimer’s disease. Our philosophy of care is quite simple. Focus on strengths rather than weaknesses. Be kind, always. Never stop trying to communicate.

Tenured Staff.

Compassionate caregivers with years of dementia specific knowledge. Many have been with Barton House since the beginning – 1998. Our unique team embodies our philosophy of care.

Home-Cooked Meals.

Kitchen is the heart of every home. Barton House is no different. All meals are home-made and thoughtfully prepared for individuals with dementia.

Park-like Backyard.

Residents enjoy a shaded backyard overlooking the lake. Granite walking paths lead to raised garden boxes, a gazebo & swing. All are perfect spots for conversations with friends and family.

Meet May

In her early twenties, May traveled with the USO to entertain our U.S. troops.

Her skill as a musician and singer lifted many lives.

Later raising two children she watched them as they became involved in different businesses.

May’s bright spirit and smile still lights up a room at Barton House.

We believe this is her to time to receive back the love she graced upon others.

Meet Charlie

Charlie took over his father’s hardware store in the late 1940’s and built an even bigger business.

People said it was due to Charlie’s willingness to help others in his community.

Became a father to three daughters and 4 grandchildren.

Charlie survived battles with cancer and other challenges.

At Barton House we are reminded of how lucky we are to have such great individuals such as Charlie.

Uncommon Programs.
Quality Experiences.

Harriet loves going outdoors and can safely.

Walter is exercising and eating better now.

Betty likes socializing

Clara loves kids and they love her.

Our Advantage.

Resident Centered Program.

A uniquely high resident to staff ratio allows our caregivers to spend more quality time with each resident. We tailor the care based on the individual needs of our residents by understanding their medical, social, cultural, and generational history.

Focus on Individualized Well-Being.

Through cognitive, recreational and social experiences that are individualized we celebrate daily successes and promote independence.

Secure Place to Live.

Barton House is a safe community both indoors and out. With only 20 residents, they have the freedom to enjoy all areas of the home. By honoring their preferences we can preserve their individuality by continuing to offer choices.

Family Support.

We understand the stress of caring for a loved one. Barton House always offers a listening ear, a kind word, and advice based on 20 years’ experience.

The Long Search. The Right Choice.

“My Dad came to live at Barton House 1 1/2 years ago. It took an exhausting search to find a place for him to live once he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I love the small, family-like environment.

When you step in the door, you feel like you are in someone’s home complete with happy voices, music, and yummy smells.

The residents are always engaged and the staff is 100% involved in their care and well-being.

There are activities planned throughout the day and entertaining programs scheduled several times a week to keep them engaged.

My Dad is always groomed and dressed in clean clothes, no matter what time of the day I drop by.

The staff takes time to know each resident as an individual and encourages family members to become involved in activities and celebrations at Barton House.

I would recommend Barton House to anyone looking for a place for a loved one with Alzheimer’s to live.”

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