The Barton House Newsletter
The residents and staff create a monthly newsletter called "Barton Times". The newsletter's entertaining and informative writing includes sections about Memoirs, an ongoing fictional fairy tale, and an advice column called "Dear Words of Wisdom."


A Selection of Poems
Residents have pooled their creative writing talents to create a book of poems. America, Life and Passion are some of the subjects celebrated in the selection.






































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- The Activity program at Barton House is specifically designed for individuals with middle or early late stage Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia.

- The program is designed to keep resident's cognitive, physical and social, functionings going as long as possible, while maintaining self-esteem and dignity in a stimulating, home-like environment.

- Activities are tailored to unique requirements and available strengths of the residents of Barton house.

- The Activity program strives to create a comfortable environment, where residents can feel a common bond with each other; where they feel safe and free to be themselves.

- The following activities are conducted in group settings and in one-on-one situations. All residents are encouraged to participate in activities. No resident, however, is ever forced. The likes and dislikes of each resident will constantly be noted, and activities will be planned accordingly.


EXERCISE Activities range from armchair exercises to outdoor walks, from dancing to lawn games. Daily exercise is very important. Barton House has an extensive fully enclosed back yard, with three separate pathways leading to different meeting points. It is very safe and very pretty.

Why: Exercise increases blood flow and range of motion. It encourages the residents to bond, and enhances communication and increases physical awareness and self esteem.

When: Every day in some form.

MUSIC Activities include sing-a-longs, dancing, writing songs, creating instruments and playing them, watching and participating in living room concerts. Barton House has a piano in the Activity Area available to anyone wishing to tickle the old ivories!

Why: Music is an excellent reminiscence tool, as well as calming and relaxing to those involved. It is also a wonderful form of exercise, a great bonding experience and a whole lot of fun.

When: Every day in some form.

ARTS AND CRAFTS Activities include painting, collages, mosaics, memory books, creating room decorations, stain glass. It is a time set aside for artistic expression at any level, as an individual or as a team, Barton House has a well equipped, cozy activity area, leading onto the back porch.

Why: Arts and Crafts create feelings of accomplishment and pride. All art activities will be done with a purpose in mind, such as seasonal decorations, or birthdays or creating a welcome basket for new residents. When working together, communication and a sense of team work is beneficial for self-esteem and honing social skills.

When: At least 2x/week, depending on desire and seasonal events and demand.

GROOMING Activities include manicures and pedicures, hair-styling, perfume testing/aroma therapy and make-up. Barton House has a secluded barber's nook in which licensed professional cosmetologists come at regular intervals to style and cut hair, etc. It is fully equipped.

Why: Grooming creates self-esteem and pride, stimulates the senses and is for pure enjoyment.

When: 1x/month per person or as needed.

GROUP DISCUSSION Activities include the discussion of current events, as well as in depth reminiscence discussions. Outside on the shaded cabana at Barton House is a perfect place for this activity.

Why: Discussion is a fantastic reminiscence tool, especially in a group of people who are listening and participating equally. It also increases self-esteem and communication skills.

When: At least 3 or 4x/week

GAMES Activities include physically and cognitively stimulating games, either played one-on-one or in various sized groups. For example; balloon ball, croquet, bowling, Yahtzee, bingo, Scattegories to name a few.

Why: All types of games encourage communication, team spirit, physical and social interaction, and sharpens hand-eye coordination. They will provide and opportunity for all the residents and all staff members to play together as teams so building relations between everyone.

When: At least 3 times/week

PET THERAPY There is a resident dog at Barton House as well as any cats the residents might bring with them. There will also be frequent visits from a trained pet therapist who will bring slightly more unusual pets, such as rabbits, goats, etc.

Why: The unconditional love of a dog or cat  is very comforting to a confused individual. Also, being around animals is an excellent sensory stimulant and self-esteem builder.

When: 1x/month with the pet therapist. Every day with the Barton House dog!

MOVIE SCREENINGS Activities include screening of appropriate movies.

Why: Movies can be an excellent reminiscence tool, as well as a discussion stimulator and relaxation exercise. It is also a perfect opportunity to gather all residents together at one time.

When: At least 1x/month, maybe twice, depending on demand.

COMMUNITY GROUP SESSIONS Activities include small group discussions or one-on-one conversation with residents about their fears, concerns and successes.

Why: It is a vehicle in which they can vent their feelings while encouraging positive self-image and the creation of bonds between residents. A strong attempt at all times will be made to ease the residents minds and realize they have allies in the staff and others.

When: Every other week or as needed.

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES Activities include outdoor games, tending to the animals, nature walks, picnics, etc.

Why: Outdoor activities prompt relaxation, are a sensory stimulant, create social opportunities, are a good source of exercise and are very enjoyable.

When: Every day, depending on the weather.

GARDENING Activities include creating and tending to a flower garden, a vegetable garden and an herb garden, as well as borders and window boxes. The garden at Barton House presents unlimited possibilities. In the winter, the emphasis will be put on the upkeep of indoor plants.

Why: By creating the gardens and seeing to their upkeep, we make every residents feel equally important. They will have the opportunity to pick the type of plant and to personally help care for them. This builds tremendous self-esteem, it is fun, and the residents get the chance to work together as a team. The flowers grown are used to decorate the inside of the house, and the vegetables and herbs will be used in food preparation, again stressing each residents' importance and so building confidence and pride.

When: At least 2x/week in the summer and winter

COOKING AND FOOD PREPARATION Activities include baking for birthday parties or resident snacks, helping the cook prepare meals, creating milkshakes, etc. The kitchen at Barton House is very residential in feel, and so is a comfortable work space. Residents are under direct supervision at all times to ensure their safety.

Why: Cooking is an excellent reminiscent tool, and a self-esteem builder for it emphasizes their importance. It is also a great sensory stimulant and is a good discussion starter.

When: At least 1x/week depending on demand for baked goods.

ONE-ON-ONE ATTENTION Activities include all the above activities but on a one-on-one basis. It will take place wherever the resident needs at the house. In their rooms, in the living room or dining room or in the garden. Small group interaction will also be encouraged.

Why: If the resident is uncomfortable in a large group, a more intimate setting enables them to still be socially, cognitive and physically active. By starting small, and gradually getting bigger, the resident will soon be able to participate in all activities. It is a very good confidence builder.

When: Every day for each resident

INTERGENERATIONAL INVOLVEMENT Activities include all of the above but with groups of children.

Why: Creating bonds with children is very important for the residents. It is a reminiscence tool and a self-esteem builder.  The children are fully supervised by their care givers and our staff. It enables all staff and residents to work together in a group in a very enjoyable way.

When: 1 time/month, maybe more during school vacations

SNACK TIMES The serving of coffee and tea and snacks, provides a break in the routine and a chance to socialize and relax as well as meeting emotional needs.

RELAXATION Activities include relaxation exercise to relax and calm the resident, such as yoga, meditation, aroma therapy and massage.

Why: Relaxation reduces anxiety, keeps muscles supple, is excellent sensory stimulation, and is fun.

When: At least 2 times/week in some form.

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