Every week the residents of Barton House enjoy a Happy Hour where local musicians come and entertain them. We have had such musicians as David Garza (of Dahveed), David Boyle (from the Ugly Americans), Chip Dolan (from Tish Hinojosa's band), Stewart Cochran (from Jimmy la Fave's band) to name a few.

We also have a weekly lecture series where people from the community come and give slide shows and talk about interesting topics, such as Texas Parks & Wildlife, local history, and the Panama Canal. We also have volunteers who come throughout the month to join the residents in a variety of musical, artistic and spiritual activities.

Three times a year, the residents put on cabaret style shows for their families and friends. Their many talents are showcased such as singing and reading poetry, etc.

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There is a resident dog at Barton House as well as any pets the residents might bring with them. One Austin resident has a cat; another, a cockatiel. These pets are given free run of the back yard and inside the house. Allowance for a Resident to bring his/her own pets will be determined on an individual basis. There are also frequent visits from a trained pet therapist who brings slightly more unusual pets, such as rabbits, goats, etc. There is also an aquarium in the living room of Austin.


We have no set visiting hours. Families are welcome at any time of the day or night. In fact, some of our families from out of town spend the night in the house when we have room. We strongly encourage the families to be involved in the resident's life. It gives the residents continuity.

Families are also welcome to have meals with the residents, free of charge. We ask that you give us a few hours notice so that our kitchen staff can make sure there is enough for everyone.

The residents may leave with family any time the family wants to take them out. We do ask that you sign them out and back in and let one of the staff know you are leaving with them so that we are sure where they are. We do not allow residents to leave unaccompanied. We will not let a resident leave with someone that we are unfamiliar with unless we first obtain permission from the responsible party.

About this page: Daily activities at the Barton House, an Alzheimer's care facility located in Sugar Land, Texas.
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